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Wound Healing Ointment


Vanessa Christensen

"Dear Karen;

You most definitely can use my feedback on your page..

I am an ex nurse and was completely unaware of TSW until I came across an article and things that were happening to me kicked into place. Not only was I fighting TSW but I was taking oral steroids and nasal steroids. I was also on Antihistamines up to 4 times a day.

It all started for me when I was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia in my early 20's. By 25 they had nailed it down to Atrial Fibrillation of unknown origin. What followed was nearly 30 years of beta blockers and  blood thinners.

The  dose was slowly increased over this time as I continued to have regular problems. My Asthma became worse I started to react to things badly Alaphylactically.

When I once just got a little rash maybe and a bit of Asthma .... I ended up with an Epipen and severe reactions that to this day they cant quite work out all of the allergens. An Immunologist was the first to point out that my worsening asthma was probably caused in part  by the excessive dosage of Beta blockers.

By this stage I was on a train trip to hell. I was also suffering from Antihistamine withdrawal syndrome... which literally mirrors TSW.I was seriously on the medical bandwagon. Every Dr knew my case was severe and they all looked at their own area which really didn't treat anything.

I work really hard and need to travel... Nothing was helping and thanks to the massive amount of steroids I was taking orally, inhaling, snorting and applying to my skin, I was utterly perplexed at the way my skin. my asthma, my chronic sinus would clear up and then I would suffer hours to days later then believe I needed to get back on the drugs to alleviate the sweats , the redness returning worse and the breathing difficulties. It was a chronic cycle.  Lets not forget the massive weight gain from all the steroids as well. I also ended up with an antibiotic resistant Staph infection that took over my whole body (which got in through the exzema on my hands) and took 6 months to get under some control.

My epiphany came, when after what I would consider a normal bout of Arrhythmia, the Dr's became concerned enough to send me to a new Heart Specialist  who recommended Ablation surgery. They zapped the electrical fault that the medication would never have fixed and I was one of the lucky one that came through requiring no further appointments and was basically 'cured".  

Now what to do. My asthma did improve to a degree, my reaction to unknown allergens slightly improved (but that may also be due to me being more aware of what I put into my body). After coming across the article on TWS and also another about Antihistamine overuse.... I decided that going cold turkey and copping some pain, irritation and the worst exzema looking skin I have ever had, was worth a shot.

 I am a year and a half down the track. I try and stick to an anti inflammatory diet and watch my gut health. My weight is going down (due to no steroids). My Eczema will be with me for life but is manageable. Asthma is also OK. I am not stupid enough to not have all manor of steroids and antihistamines in my cupboard along with my ever trusty Epipen. But they are for dire emergencies only.  

Your creams help keep thing manageable and that's brilliant. Nothing natural is going to have the punching power of munching down or topically applying the good old steroids... but natural ,if you are willing to to give it a shot, certainly does not give you the very concerning withdrawls....Now For the love of God can you please produce a deodorant !!!! The first and most unfavorite place I get a reaction to anything is under my arms... my hands are bad enough... but just for me can you Please do something!!!

Thank you for all your hard work."  

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