PEA capsules are a natural pain relief for conditions such as nerve pain, osteoarthritis, sciatic pain, lower back pain, or fibromyalgia. It may also be beneficial for those with Topical Steroid Withdrawal symptoms as it helps to reduce the flare-ups and calms the nerves which may help to ease the burning or itching sensation. It may be beneficial for those with Atopic Dermatitis, as a study done by C Nolie et al in 160 dogs found that about 60 % of dogs that suffered from Atopic Dermatitis had improvement of symptoms (itching and skin lesions) after taking a micronised-PEA supplement for 56 days. The study found that the effects were better than an anti-histamine tablet, but less than taking oral prednisolone. 

Magnesium helps to relax the muscles. 

Melatonin supplement helps to regulate the normal circadian rhythmn and is also a powerful anti-oxidant and enhances the immune system.

Vitamin B3 is important for healthy skin as it provides cellular energy to cells to repair itself from DNA damage.

L-glutamine is an amino acid that is useful for gut healing and as it converts to GABA in the body, it is very good at calming the nervous system.

Propolis capsules can be taken with topical Propolis to help the body deal with inflammation and to repair wounds. 

Propolis is commonly used for its healing, antiseptic and restorative capabilities. Propolis will assist in balancing, healing and soothing problematic skin. It also accelerates the rate of cell growth and protects against bacteria.


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