Various uses for the Wound Healing Ointment..

The healing properties of Propolis and Manuka Oil are also effective for our little best friends..dogs, cats, horses, possums..yes..even possums..

This bull dog had a grass seed stuck in his paw and had to be operated on to remove it. The Wound Healing Ointment was applied twice a day, and on Day 5, the wound had healed very nicely.

We also used the Wound Healing Ointment on a horses' hoof. The hoof had healed, and even the nail part had grown back. Pease get in touch with us to request a larger quantity.


Fungal skin infections with secondary eczema.

This boy had a bad case of a fungal rash combined with eczema. After applying the Wound Healing Ointment on twice day the area looked less red, and the healing process began. 4 weeks later and most of the fungal and eczema rash had gone. Fungal skin infections can take longer to treat and application should continue until the rash goes away, and for two weeks after to ensure there is no re-occurence. He had previously used an anti-fungal cream with hydrocortisone for several months on and off, but the rash and eczema kept coming back. Every other type of cream would sting and cause him a lot of pain, but the Wound Healing Ointment did not. It was soothing and helped eases the redness and symptoms, healing the deeper cut in the skin under his arm.


Wound Healing Ointment applied twice a day for a few days cleared the rash.

After treatment with Efudix Cream.

4 days after using Wound Healing Ointment the redness had gone and the skin was not sore or blistered anymore.

After getting a sun-damaged area of skin frozen with liquid nitrogen.

Healing with very minimal scarring. Duration, 4 weeks.

A Solar Keratosis was frozen off by liquid nitrogen.

Healing after 3 weeks of twice a day application with Wound Healing Ointment.

For healing of stitches. 

The combination of Propolis and Manuka Oil seems to speed up healing so there is minimal scarring. This was after 3 weeks of using the Wound Healing Ointment.

Molluscum Contagiosum

These spots are Molluscum Contagiosum, a type of virus that is very contagious and quite common in young kids. It spread with contact by the fluid in the blisters that weep when scratched. They are flared up after an application of Imiquinod (Aldara) which is used to stimulate the immune system. Imiquinod cream is  commonly used to treat Solar Keratosis but can also be used to treat Molluscum. Once the spots flare up, the immune system detects the virus and kills it. This study showed that 1/3 of children had successful treatment with Aldara when applied 3 times a week for 12 weeks.

Wound Healing Ointment was applied twice a day to prevent scarring and to speed the healing and repair process. The total process took about 4 weeks. 

Last but not least, the ointment can also be used to soothe the inflammation and soreness of haemorrhoids. One customer informed us that his haemorrhoids had gone away. Even the surgeons didn't want to operate to remove it as they were worried he would bleed easily. After a few days of using the Wound Healing Ointment, his haemorrhoids had shrunk and no longer gave this patient any more problems.

Unfortunately I can't display the before and after pictures of this :) 

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Thank you to those customers who have shared their pictures with us. Please note this is not intended to replace a consult with a  health professional. Please see your Dr if symptoms do not improve. You can also pop into the pharmacy to talk to us about your symptoms.