The safer alternative to topical steroids for skin with eczema..

We all know someone who suffers from eczema or atopic dermatitis...

It's heart-breaking especially when it's you're little one. They are so little and it feels like they didn't do anything to deserve this suffering. The broken skin. The soreness and inflammation. The restless nights, scratching till they bleed (I know because I've been there with one of my kids having severe eczema when he was little too). 

And it seems like everything you try just doesn't work.

Or worse, you only apply it once and they say it hurts a lot or stings, so it goes into the bathroom cupboard and never gets used again.

Another waste of money.

Or it's you who has to deal with the agony of skin that won't heal, that hurts when you have a shower, that peals and sheds every night on your sheets. The constant itching that keeps you awake and irritated.

When my third boy had eczema, I had to wrap his arms and legs up like a mummy so his sore skin wouldn't be exposed to the dirt on the school carpet. He had wraps to keep the moisturiser from rubbing off onto his clothes and everything else.

I had to use the topical steroids as there was no other options that worked. Everything stung. Everything except coconut oil. But then, that didn't last long on the skin, and it didn't help heal the broken skin.

I didn't realise it back then, but maybe the constant use of potent steroid creams (the ones that the Dr's prescribe) were the cause the of the bad flare-ups, as the body got used to being suppressed and then flared up when the steroid cream was stopped. It's only now that I'm reading about topical steroid withdrawal and learning more about the dangers of potent long-term topical steroids, which includes adrenal suppression 

Fast forward to today, I've since discovered that there are plenty of research out there about the natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and healing properties of Propolis and essential oils such as Manuka oil, Lavender and Thyme oil. 

I formulated this healing balm as an option for those who may be allergic to Pollen and can't use our Wound Healing Ointment. This is a 100% natural, plant-based and pollen-free healing balm suitable for skin that requires extra hydration and healing. The oils such as Manuka Oil, Lavender and Wild Thyme are also naturally anti-bacterial so bacteria, such as Staph Auereus which can slow the healing of wounds, can be stopped from infecting broken skin. Skin infection can also cause the release of toxic allergens which further trigger the immune system, causing the rash to flare up and spread. 

I have seen such amazing results with this combination of Manuka, Lavender and Wild Thyme for a young boy who has suffered from eczema since he was a baby, and had been using topical steroid creams since he was little. They stopped using topical steroids 2 years ago and he is at the stage where he is still getting quite bad flare-ups.

He was covered all over his back, legs, arms, and neck with these areas of red, inflamed and broken skin. His glands were swollen, it was excruciating to even have a shower as contact with water would hurt him. He had to miss school, it was so bad. 

After 11 days of using the Healing Balm, his skin had improved from being sore, red, inflamed to healthy, clear skin. His mum said she had tried many creams before and nothing had worked to reduce the flare up as quickly as this balm. It's his favourite thing to carry with him to school and he is so happy to have something that actually works to heal his skin, reduce the itch and soreness, and restore his skin back to normal. 

I was so happy to see his skin had healed after 11 days. He was already taking supplements such as Magnesium, probiotics and something for his immune system. The only thing he added was Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant and flavanoid which helps collagen production and healing. 

Nothing else changed besides using the Healing Balm  and taking Vitamin C.

It's truly so satisfying to see how this natural product with very little side-effects can make such a massive difference to someone's life. 

If you want to know more, click on the link. Or if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM.