10 things you didn't know about Manuka Oil..

Manuka Oil is distilled from the leaves and stems of the Leptospermum scoparium shrub that grows in New Zealand, and Manuka Honey is obtained from the pollen of the flowers. The bark, seed, sap and leaves of this shrub has been used for various health condition in traditional medicine in New Zealand. Manuka Oil is a clear yellow liquid with a distinctive spicy, herbaceous and fresh aroma.

 1. Leptospermum Scoparium derives from the Greek word Leptos, meaning slender, and sperma, meaning seed, a reference to the fine, linear shaped seeds. Scoparium means like a broom, a reference to the dense foliage that an early botanist envisaged as having broom-like qualities.

2. Maori folklore attributes the kanuka as being the ‘male’ tree and manuka the ‘female.’ Other traditional uses include infusions for urinary and intestinal complaints, sucking the gum for coughs, vapour inhalations for colds and poultices for back pain and skin conditions such as burns and scalds. The leaves of Manuka were also used as topical applications for wounds, cuts, sores and skin diseases. 

3. This species is often confused with the related species kānuka (Kunzea ericoides) – the easiest way to tell the difference is to feel their foliage – mānuka leaves are prickly, while kānuka leaves are soft.

4. In vitro testing shows that at 10% there was 100% inhibition of Staph. Aureus, S. mutants, S. sobrinus and E.coli.

5. Manuka Oil is as effective as Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil at inhibiting Staph. Aureus. 

6. At 3% concentration, Manuka Oil inhibited the growth of Candida Albicans, the most common fungal strain that causes symptoms of thrush.

7. Manuka Oil has the unique capacity to decrease the immune response to toxins released by bacteria on the skin surface of eczema sufferer’s without causing an increase in the allergic response.

8. An application of 10% Manuka oil significantly reduced the average length and depth of wrinkles by inhibiting the loss of collagen fiber content and epidermal hyperplasia (thickening). It was also reported that Manuka oil could suppress UV-B induced skin inflammation by inhibiting the production of inflammatory cytokines. 

9. Replication of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1), the virus that causes cold sores,  is significantly inhibited by Manuka oil. 

10. L. scoparium originated in Australia before the onset of the Miocene aridity, and dispersed relatively recently from eastern Australia to New Zealand. It is now more common in New Zealand than Australia.

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