As a mum I needed a solution
As a chemist I created one

The Botanical Chemist

100% Derived from Nature.

Harnessing the Power & Simplicity of Nature, each active is carefully researched & selected for it's ability to heal, prevent minor microbial infection, soothe inflammation & support skin healing.
Suitable for mums & babies

Soothe, heal, hydrate & nourish your skin.

reducing the
dependence on
anti-biotics &
topical steroids.
The natural way.


TGA-listed to relieve
the symptoms of
inflammatory skin
conditions such as
eczema and dermatitis.

Our Mission

At Botanical Chemist, everything is rooted in our belief that Nature holds the key to our healing. 

Our mission is to transform nature’s ingredients into products that rebalance, renew, soothe, heal and protect your skin. Botanical Chemist creates holistic skincare solutions with ingredients that are certified organic if possible, sustainably produced, cruelty-free, and ethically traded.

We especially focus on Australian native botanicals as they have evolved to weather harsh environmental conditions and have developed unique phytochemicals to help protect themselves against predators and UV radiation.

We will continue to craft healthy and effective skincare products which are free from harmful chemicals so that you and your loved ones can experience the benefits of natural skincare that works.


" As an integrative GP, I care for adults and children. My interests include preventative health, women’s health, mental health and chronic disease.

I am an integrative GP obstetrician with a passion for incorporating my knowledge of conventional, Ayurvedic and natural medicine using a mind-body-spirit approach, and I would love to join you as you navigate your health and wellness journey".

Get in touch with Dr. Moore to discuss your health needs. 

Dr Sarah Moore: Integrative doctor

In Naturopathic medicine, skin conditions are considered a sign there may be a deeper imbalance in the body. If you are frustrated with a reoccurring skin condition, it may be time to consider treating some of the common underlying problems. 

Did you know for example that...

Inflammatory skin conditions are often linked to poor digestive function and our diet influences our skin health, especially intake of sugar/ processed foods.

Stress levels can greatly influence the health of our skin.

Food allergies can cause a number of skin conditions.

Rashes and breakouts can be due to poor detoxification pathways in the skin, lungs, digestion and liver.

Female hormones and cyclical changes and imbalances influence our skin health.

In a Naturopathic consultation I assess your potential underlying drivers for your skin health and prescribe a personalised program using lifestyle and dietary recommendations and herbal/ nutritional medicine if appropriate, perfectly complementing your topical treatments. 

I also have many testing options which can give us a further insight into the health considerations influencing your skin health

Digestive function: Complete Microbiome Mapping, this at home test assesses the health of the microbiome (gut) from a single stool sample, with particular attention to microbes that cause disease or disrupt normal microbial balance and contribute to changes in the GI flora and contribute to skin issues

Food Intolerances: IGG/ IGA skin prick food intolerance testing, this at home test kit checks for your reactions to 96 different foods, giving clear guidance on what you should and shouldn't be eating to improve your skin health 

Saliva hormone testing: saliva testing is a non-invasive at home test, which gives an accurate measure of the free, unbound, active hormones, enabling assessment of whether your hormone levels are driving your skin condition

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